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Inde Junction Mas Band, now known as Sip N Wine Mas band is a Hollywood Carnival Mas Band. all inclusive carnival band based in Los Angeles and San Diego.  Our Masquerders are our pride and joy and our 2023 package to you is living proof, from the easy paying plans, gift certificates, an all expense paid vacation to Belize in the month of September for Carnival 2023 to one lucky winner including costume, gifts fron our sponsors and much more.

We offer extended customized services to make your carnival experience unique, including our accessories for you or any carnival you participate in even if not with us.  Visit our online store and browse our new merch each week


We participate in Carnivals and enjoy sharing in the joy of our culture.  If you are in need of a costume, custom made wire Bar, headpiece or any part of whole of a costume for Carnivals, pageants or any other special occasion,  please feel free to connect with us.   We also design costumes to your specifications for your mas band should you need a designer. Carnival prototypes service also available including construction of KING and QUEEN costumes with at least 3 months advance notice.

Our 1st Carnival for 2023 will be Hollywood Carnival.  Come Mas with us again or make this your 1st. Your costume purchase from us is also good for any other carnivals we participate in for 2023.

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