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  • How long does it take my custom ordered costume to finish?
    It takes 2 weeks to 3 months depending on if for your order is Frontline, midline, backline, Supreme or Ultra Supreme costumes
  • Is a deposit required to get my costume designing started?
    Yes, a nonrefundable deposit of $100 is due to start designing any costume. If you are on any payment plan, please adhere to your scheduled payments to benefit fully from your chosen plan. If in doublt at any time please free to contact us at or call (323) 840 7659
  • Am I allowed to make any changes to my order once my deposit is paid?
    You have 24 hours to change you order style or color from the time of your initial deposit once you have chosen your desired costume. Our consultation process is very detailed before your deposit is made and designing of your costume starts immediately once you choose a costume. During our consultation, we asked that you give certain pertinent info and measurement and response to all questions we ask.
  • Does the cost of my costume include shipping if shipping is required?
    No, shipping cost is not included in the cost of any costume. Your costume must be completey paid for before any delivery, before pickup time or at pickup if previously indicatedin writing ( Email). No exceptions
  • What forms of payment is acceptable?
    We are currently adding all forms of payments except checks. Forms of payment most commony used at the moment by our masqueraders are CASHAPP, ZELLE, PAYPAL. Your costume payment includes: all of the following if done before Miami Carnival final Registration date. Registration Wristband to Miami Carnival 2023 and Jouvert Wristband Enter Miami Carnival Ground Wristband to Breakfast Wristband to Lunch after the Parade Unlimited Drinks on the Road Snacks on the Road Raffle
  • When can I register for 2023 costumes for Miami Carnival 2023?
    REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for Miami Carnival 2023. Click on the REGISTRATION MENU or fill out the from on that page and we can begin the consultation process especially if you are new to Carnival. If you have already consulted with us and made your arrangements either in person or otherwise, please disregard this section. MIAMI PAYMENT PLANS: If you are interested in using Our Miami Carnival Payment Plan for the section you choose, please head over to that section and review all the comes in your package for the 7th. October Weekend with Jouvert and Carnival Parade day. Our Jouvert Band is an existing Jouvert Band since 2003 and still going strong. Call 323 840 7659.
  • Can I enter a section of any size with Inde Junction Mas band?
    Absolutely Yes. We welcome Carnival Mas Bands of any size to participate with us. Please send inquiry to or call us at (323) 840 -7659 anytime. We would love to have you participate with us.
  • When is the deadline to order costumes for any section?
    The deadline to order costumes and register to be a Masquerager is based of official deadlines given to us by Hollywood Carnival. Please note that we are required to pay a fee to Hollywood Carnival for each Masquerader participating. Fee cost goes up depending on how last you pay before each of their deadlines. COSTUME COSTS: The shorter the time given to make your costume, the more it will cost because of sourcing production items and shipment time to us PARTICIPATION FEE IN HOLLYWOOD PARADE FEES 1st. MAS BAND MASQUERADERS HEAD COUNT PAYMENT: April 30th is $75 USD or late fees apply LATE MAS BAND MASQUERADERS HEAD COUNT PAYMENT: May 1st to June 7th. $100 USD HEADCOUNT DEADLINE for us to register you as a PAID Masquerader for Hollywood Carnival is June 20th. LAST CALL MASQUERADERS HEADCOUNT: June 8th to June 23rd 2023 but please remember that with each late date, your headcount fee goes up to $125 USD GRAND RAFFLE JUNE 24th. IMMEDIATELY AFTER CARNIVAL PARADE: We cannot stress enough how important it is to order your costumes early and take advantage of our various payment plans. All Masqueraders who pay for their costumes on or before are automatically entered into our grand prize all paid vacation/ Belize carnival trip which includes: 1 Roundtrip Airline ticket to and from Belize Hotel Accomodations in Belize City Hotel Accomodations in San Pedro Food and Beverage in the city and on the Island Golf Cart in San Pedro Island Airport Pickup from Philip Goldson International Airport and back Boutique Gift Certificates on the island of San Pedro Sponsor Gift Baskets of Rums, Wines on Arrival Belize Carnival Costume courtesy of Sip N Wine Mas Band AKA Inde Junction Mas. Rental Vehicle (Provided you have a drivers License...Details to be disclosed at time of win) If for any reason you are the winner and cannot travel into Belize, the gift prize is transferable
  • Where do I go in this site to register for any costume?
    Please CLICK ON THIS LINK to start your ordering process. Please read and provide all information on each costume before ordering as all deposits are non-refundable once you have decided on your costume with us..
  • What are our payment plans?
    PAYMENT PLANS: Your Initial payment is $100USD for Baseline/Backline or Midline Costumes $150USD for Frontline, costumes $200USD for Ultra Frontline/Supreme frontline before April 29th. 2023 MASQUERADERS INCENTIVE PROGRAM: If you recomment 5 paid masqueraders to pay for backline costumes by April 22nd, you receive a Backline Costume If you recomment 5 paid masqueraders to pay for frontline costumes by April 22nd, you receive a Frontline Costume If you recomment 5 paid masqueraders to pay for Superior/ Ultra Frontline costumes by April 22nd, you receive a FrontLine/Ultra Costume If you recomment 5 paid masqueraders to pay for costumes in varous costume linesby April 22nd, the costume you receive will be based on that you bring to the table.
  • Am I allowed to build my own costume from supplies in our online store?
    The answer is yes, as long as it matches with a particular section and only if in stock and meets the deadline for ordering. Please call (323) 840 - 7659 or email us at for more information if you have any questions
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