Frequently asked questions

How long does it take my custom ordered costume to finish?

It takes three weeks for your custom made costume to be finished once initial required payment is made depending if you choose Frontline, midline, backline, Supreme or Ultra Supreme costumes but shipping time is not included.

Is a deposit required to get my costume designing started?

Yes, a nonrefundable deposit of $100 is due to start designing any costume. If you are on any payment plan, please adhere to your scheduled payments to benefit fully from your chosen plan. If in doublt at any time please free to contact us at info@indejunctionmas.com or call (323) 840 7659

Am I allowed to make any changes to my order once my deposit is paid?

You have 24 hours to change you order style or color from the time of your initial deposit. Because our consultation process is very detailed before your deposit is made and designing of your costume starts immediately, we ask that you give us all the required pertinent information and response to all questions we ask, it is very difficult to change course once your deposit is made. Please note that any and all deposits are nonrefundable.

Does the cost of my costume include shipping if shipping is required?

No, shipping cost is not included in the cost of any costume. Your costume must be completey paid for before any delivery or at the time or pickup. No exceptions

What forms of payent is acceptable?

Acceptable forms of payments are Visa, Paypal and cash at the moment but working on more forms to make it easy for your use. Checks are not acceptable forms of payments.

When can I register for 2020 costumes for Hollywood Carnival or any of the following Carnivals: Miami, Las Vegas, Bay Area, Toronto, Jamaica or San Diego Carnivals 2020

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for the ordering of any costumes for the Carnivals listed above. Please not that all deposits are nonrefundable.

Can I enter a section of any size with Inde Junction Mas band?

Absolutely Yes. We welcome Carnival MasBands of any size to participate with us. Please send inquiry to info@indejunctionmas.com or call us at (323) 840 -7659 anytime. We would love to have you participate with us.

When is the deadline to order costumes for any section?

The deadline to order costumes for any section is based on the deadline Hollywood Carnival has if you are planning on participating in Hollywood Carnival 2020. Date for Hollywood Carnival is May 12th. 2020.

Where do I go in this site to register for any costume?

Please CLICK ON THIS LINK to start your ordering process. Please read and provide all information on each costume before ordering as all deposits are non-refundable.

What are our payment plans?

Am I allowed to build my own costume from supplies in our online store?

The answer is yes, please call (323) 840 - 7659 or email us at info@indejunctionmas.com for more information if you have any questions