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VIDEO 1: Inde Junction Mas at th judges station performing
In 2019 Inde Junction Mas participated with Winery as a section and was the band performing our choreography at the Judges station on behalf of Winery Mas band leader's request.  The band won best band in 2019.  We look forward to doing choreography for our  band this June 2023 for Sip N Wine Mas, AKA Inde Junction Masas an independent band and not a section of a band..

Video 2: In 2020, Inde Junction Mas became the 1st Mas Band
in the history of Hollywood Carnival to have a performing
artist showcase any costume sections ever presented.  It was not something known to us at the time but for the president of Hollywood Carnival, Dr, Harold Ganga informing us of it and went on to say.
Lil June brought down the house that night with his hit silgle at the time called "HALA"

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