POPULAR DEMAND: This costume is availabe only in black, green and yellow/Gold combination withlong ornated necklace. FRONTLINE COSTUME $375 is with wire Bra  MIDLINE of this costume is $299 and BACKLINE Costume is $250


IMPORTANT INFO: If you are only securing your name space pay $25.00. If you are ready to pay towards your costume of choice or dont know which you want yet you can still pay $100 which also goes towards your costume choice and qualifies you for our payment plan.  

PLEASE REMEMBER: that all deposits are nonrefundable unless hollywood carnival is cancelled for 2020.


SKU: 0002
  • NEGRIL is available in three lines: 

    FRON TLINE as in photo at $399

    MIDLINE for $299

    BACKLINE for $250

    and all made still very beautiful for you to feel special and unique on the carnival road 2019. 

    Your deposit gets your costume started