SUNSET ORANGE FRONTLINE is available in three lines:

FRONTLINE as in photo at $399 as seen in the photo

MIDLINE for $299

BACKLINE for $250 

and all made still very beautiful for you to feel special and unique on the carnival road 2020. Tell us what you want and we will work with you to get it done.


IMPORTANT INFO: If you are only securing your name space pay $25.00. If you are ready to pay towards your costume of choice or dont know which you want yet you can still pay $100 which also goes towards your costume choice and qualifies you for our payment plan.  


PLEASE REMEMBER that all deposits are nonrefundable unless hollywood carnival is cancelled for 2020.


SKU: 0003
  • Queen AMANIRENAS comes in an Ankara African Fabric wire bra as seen in the photo but is also availabe as a monokini, highwaist and low waist and a Bra of your choice.