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secrets of the cariBBean 2020 inde junct
secrets of the cariBBean 2020 inde junct
inde junction mas 2023 COSTUME REGISTRATION registration 2023 ONE HUNDRED.jpg

          NOW OPEN FOR 2023

How to Register
1. Click on the registration photo with Inde Junction Mas Logo and or proceed to fill out necessary information by scrolling down below to get more info before your pay.
2. Any questions? Please email  us at or via our CONTACT PAGE with your contact number and which costume you are thinking of and we will get back to you for consultation or call us at
(323) 840 - 7659

3. Please fill in Required Registration Info form Below to get the conversation started about Carnival 2023

  Required Registration Info.


Thank you for choosing us to mas with for Hollywood Carnival 

Saturday, June 24th. 2023

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